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  • KeyNo Inventory.
  • KeyContinuous clean items supply.
  • KeyProfessional washing, drying & sanitizing. Pick up & delivery
  • KeyGuaranteed consistent quality.
  • KeyLower maintainance costs.
  • KeyYou will help the environment.
Recycling Certificate

Sno White Floor Mat Systems is a Proud Participant of the Mat Recycling Program with Mountville Mills and we are ENVIRONMENTALLY COMMITTED to preserve The Earth by returning all aged and obsolete floor mats to Mountville Mills where the mats will be recycled into non-launderable mats or converted for use as boiler fuel. These aged and obsolete mats will never be placed into a landfill

Restroom Supplies

Restroom Supplies Rental Services

As another successful rental service provided by Sno White Floor Mat Systems, the restroom supplies category has anything and everything you need to provide a clean and well-stocked restroom for your employees and customers, without the hassles.

We provide and install dispenser units and content replacements

Restroom Supplies

Air Freshener:

Keep a nice, fresh fragrance in the air with our automatic air freshener for restrooms. An air freshener works as a room deodorizer as well as an odor control product. There are many fragrances to choose from. We provide the unit and replenish the fragrance.

Restroom Supplies

Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers:

Our soap dispenser units are a key element of the restroom supplies you can get with Sno White Floor Mat Systems. High-quality anti-bacterial soap helps curb the spread of bacteria and contagious diseases to all restroom users. We provide the unit and replenish the soap/sanitizer.  We have available standard lotion soap or touchless foam soap.

Restroom Supplies

Tissue Dispenser:

Your tissue dispenser doesn't only need to be full, but it also has to be a high-quality object. We provide contemporary tissue dispensers either single or twin rolls, to meet your specific needs.  We will replenish the tissue rolls on an on-going basis.

Restroom Supplies

Paper Towel Dispenser:

Paper towel dispensers have evolved rapidly during the past years. Our mechanical Hands-Free dispenser will automatically deliver 11” portions of roll towel, without the need of batteries. We provide the unit and replenish the paper.


Our extensive inventory of Restroom Supplies ensures you that we got you covered all year around. Keep your restrooms well stocked with hygiene and restroom supplies from Sno White Floor Mat Systems.

Contact us today to request a No-Obligation FREE restroom rental program assessment done by one of our restroom professionals.
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