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Recycling Certificate

Sno White Floor Mat Systems is a Proud Participant of the Mat Recycling Program with Mountville Mills and we are ENVIRONMENTALLY COMMITTED to preserve The Earth by returning all aged and obsolete floor mats to Mountville Mills where the mats will be recycled into non-launderable mats or converted for use as boiler fuel. These aged and obsolete mats will never be placed into a landfill

Floor Pad Cleaner Rental

Floor Pad Restoration

Floor Pad Restoration

Every time you throw away a used floor pad, you are throwing your money away. With our exclusive floor pad restoration system, we can restore them to their original condition, so they perform just as well as new pads, but at a fraction of their original cost!

Take a look around and evaluate the condition of your floor pads. Unless they are absolutely brand new, they probably need our floor pad restoration services. It’s an easy, affordable and reliable way to make your space more inviting and welcoming.

Saving Labor Dollars

Hard floor maintenance products are costly and floor pads are no exception.  Extending the useful life of your floor pads by utilizing our restoration process saves on labor costs by reducing the demand on manufacturers of floor pads, which may seem insignificant, but will greatly impact your bottom line.

Reducing Supply Costs

Floor Pad Restoration

Whether you are stripping, scrubbing, resurfacing or buffing, your restored floor pads will perform as effectively as brand new pads, over and over again. The cost benefit obtained by prolonging the useful life of your floor pads will considerably lower your recurring supply costs.

Each pad can be recycled 40 times or more. Our exclusive restorative process effectively renews your used floor pads to like-new condition without deteriorating the pad. The added value is substantive and will be easily reflected in your overhead maintenance supply costs.

This is how it works:

  1. Your used, dirty and wax laden floor pads are picked up from your location by our expert route sales representative on a schedule basis
  2. Used pads are soaked in tanks with special chemical solutions for 24 hours. This process softens the soil and wax that have been deposited in the pad.
  3. The pads are thoroughly pressure cleaned
  4. The restored pads are packaged and delivered to your location.

Contact us today to request a No-Obligation FREE floor pad restoration assessment done by one of our pad professionals.

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