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Recycling Certificate

Sno White Floor Mat Systems is a Proud Participant of the Mat Recycling Program with Mountville Mills and we are ENVIRONMENTALLY COMMITTED to preserve The Earth by returning all aged and obsolete floor mats to Mountville Mills where the mats will be recycled into non-launderable mats or converted for use as boiler fuel. These aged and obsolete mats will never be placed into a landfill

Dust and Wet Mop Rental

Dust & Wet Mop Rental Service

Treated Dust Mops

Dust and Mop Heads

Clean away dust, dirt and even stains with our Rental Treated Dust Mops. Keeping the floors of your workspace, office or commercial property clean and shiny at all times shows not only professionalism but also respect for others, whether they are your employees or customers.

The importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized, and our rental service of Treated dust mops will be a key element to maintain a clean and safe environment without paying more. Our rental service allows us to bring to you durable dust mops that clean better and last longer.
  • A unique tightly twisted yarn construction, gives the mop unparalleled durability. It will not fray or snag and withstands repeated laundering. This standard mop may be color-coded for sizes, or department identification.
  • Sizes: 22", 30", 38", 50"
  • Handles and mop frames are included in the rental service program

Contact us today to request a No-Obligation FREE mop mat rental program assessment done by one of our mop professionals

Treated Wet Mops

Treated Wet Mop

Clean floors are always welcoming and sometimes, especially in high-traffic areas, maintaining a clean, shiny floor can be a challenge. Sno White Floor Mat Systems brings a fantastic solution for an incredibly affordable price.

Dissolve tough messes, penetrate layers of dirt, absorb dirt and grime, scrub stains with little effort… it’s possible with our Treated Wet Mop.
  • Our Wet Mops are made with a synthetic blend of absorbent antimicrobial fiber. It has a 50% reduction in drying time compared to cotton blended mops, along with increased resistance to chemicals.
  • Sizes: Small 12oz, medium 16oz, large 24oz, extra large 32oz
  • Handles are included in the rental service program

Microfiber Mops

Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are perfect for commercial and healthcare floor maintenance. The main characteristic of a microfiber mop is that it has more filament than a traditional mop, which improves the cleanliness of the floors and definitely makes the mopping job a lot easier. The extra filaments allow the mop to pick up even very small micro particles, leaving the floor and surfaces cleaner in less time.

Microfiber mops are highly effective tools for maintaining hard floor surfaces dry, shiny and spotless. Unlike other mop products, microfiber mops pick up and trap dirt and dust without redistributing it.

Microfibers have created a little revolution in the cleaning world.  It's impact, besides being labor saving and cost efficient, it is environmental friendly.  Microfiber mops are precision tools with remarkable efficiently that allow cleaning on a microscopic scale.

  • Microfiber Wet Mops18" Microfiber dust mop: Microfibers are specially designed with non-abrasive, non-linting fibers, small enough to penetrate into surface pores and remove tiny dust particles. The velcro backing makes changing mop pads quick and easy which helps eliminate concerns about cross-contamination from one area to another.
  • 18" Microfiber wet mop pads: Microfibers are specially designed non-abrasive, non-linting fibers, small enough to penetrate into surface pores and remove tiny dust particles. Wet mop pad has an absorbent core.
  • Special Microfiber Handles are included in the rental service program.

Use microfiber mops to clean wet or dry surfaces. And remember, microfiber mops only need a little bit of water because you only need a damp pad to deep clean any hard surface. Just this aspect makes microfiber mops a great tool for hardwood floors, tile, linoleum and concrete floors and surfaces.

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