• KeyNo up-front investment.
  • KeyNo Inventory.
  • KeyContinuous clean items supply.
  • KeyProfessional washing, drying & sanitizing. Pick up & delivery
  • KeyGuaranteed consistent quality.
  • KeyLower maintainance costs.
  • KeyYou will help the environment.
Recycling Certificate

Sno White Floor Mat Systems is a Proud Participant of the Mat Recycling Program with Mountville Mills and we are ENVIRONMENTALLY COMMITTED to preserve The Earth by returning all aged and obsolete floor mats to Mountville Mills where the mats will be recycled into non-launderable mats or converted for use as boiler fuel. These aged and obsolete mats will never be placed into a landfill

Rental Services

Read MoreFloor Mat Rental Services

All your floor protection needs can be taken care of in the most affordable and easy way. Rental floor mats are your ideal solution to provide clean, dry and safe floors, without the hassles.

Read MoreDust & Wet Mop Rental

Clean away dust, dirt and even stains with our Rental Treated Dust Mops. Keeping the floors of your workspace, office or commercial property clean and shiny at all times shows not only professionalism but also respect for others, whether they are your employees or customers.

Read MoreRestroom Supplies Rental

As another successful rental service provided by Sno White Floor Mat Systems, the restroom supplies category has anything and everything you need to provide a clean and well-stocked restroom for your employees and customers, without the hassles.

Read MoreAprons & Bar Towels Rental

Linens are a key element in the hospitality business. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars and the like need durable aprons, napkins and bar towels, made to endure the high usage and continuous laundering.

Read MoreFloor Pad Restoration

Every time you throw away a used floor pad, you are throwing your money away. With our exclusive floor pad restoration system, we can restore them to their original condition, so they perform just as well as new pads, but at a fraction of their original cost!


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