• KeyNo up-front investment.
  • KeyNo Inventory.
  • KeyContinuous clean items supply.
  • KeyProfessional washing, drying and sanitizing. Pick up & delivery
  • KeyGuaranteed consistent quality.
  • KeyLower maintainance costs.
  • KeyYou will help the environment.
Recycling Certificate

Sno White Floor Mat Systems is a Proud Participant of the Mat Recycling Program with Mountville Mills and we are ENVIRONMENTALLY COMMITTED to preserve The Earth by returning all aged and obsolete floor mats to Mountville Mills where the mats will be recycled into non-launderable mats or converted for use as boiler fuel. These aged and obsolete mats will never be placed into a landfill


Can I have a custom sized floor mat?
Absolutely yes.  We can develop custom sized floor mats to fit specific floor areas in your facility.  You just need to request a facility assessment from one of our mat specialists and we will take all necessary measurements and will deliver a quote based on your specific needs.

Can I have a floor mat with my logo?
Logo floor mats are our specialty.  We just need your logo as a graphic computer file.  Sometimes a letterhead or business card is enough for us to scan your logo.  We will discuss your color preferences and logo layout in order to create a color proof that is submitted to you for your approval prior to manufacturing.  Logo floor mats are identified with specific ID codes for inventory control purposes.

What size/color options I have for standard floor mats?
Standard floor mats are available in the following sizes:

  • 2.5’ x 3’
  • 3’ x 5’
  • 4’ x 6’
  • 3’ x 10’

Standard floor mats are available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Red Pepper
  • Blue/Black
  • Slate Gray
  • Brown Black
  • Dark Green

How often do floor mats get changed?
The frequency of the service will depend on the type of traffic, the type of your business and how concerned you are in terms of keeping your entrances and floors as protected and dry as possible.  We have 2 basic service frequencies:  Weekly Service and Every Other Week Service.  We can also deliver Twice a Week service for those customers that require a faster exchange of the floor mats.

Why do I need a rental mat as opposed to just buying one and vacuum it?
A vacuum cleaner only reaches the surface of the mat leaving 87% of the dirt in between the fibers and at the bottom of the mat.  This dirt saturates and clogs the carpet over time, and your purchased floor mat becomes a source of contamination rather than a solution to keep your floors clean.  The only way to guarantee that a floor mat will always perform trapping dirt is by a proper washing, extracting and drying the floor mat on a regular and scheduled basis.  Only our rental program can deliver the appropriate cleaning service for your floor mats.

Do I need to buy the floor mats for you to clean and rotate them?
Absolutely not.  The benefit of our rental programs is that you don’t need to buy the floor mats, we provide them to you under a rental agreement.  We will install all floor mats in the correct sizes and colors for your facility.  You don’t need to worry about cleaning them, washing them or storing them.  We will do it for you.

I need floor mats but I also need dust/wet mops and restroom supplies.  Can I have a package deal?
For sure.  We have several packages that will give you the most value for our services at discounted prices.  The more items you can include in your rental program, the lower the price per item is.  You can bundle what meets your needs.

What happens when the rental items start showing signs of wear and tear?
Don’t worry.  In the case of non-custom rental items, we will immediately pull the items that are showing signs of wear and tear and will replace them to keep a consistent quality and performance of the service, at no extra cost to you.  We are constantly inspecting the quality of the rental items at the service plant and at your location.

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